101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

101. Last but not Least

One anecdote has had much of the 30 N. Spring Ave. house in LaGrange. But the very strangest

place we have lived was at 1023 Cossitt Avenue. The imminent unemployment of 1931 made unsettled and hectic experiences. But the care of the wonderful flower garden and vegetable garden and lawn gave vent to racked nerves and fearful hearts.

Then there was Mrs. Fitzgerald and Jimmy, how can we ever forget them and their kindness to us in a time of crisis and need. It was here that we got rid of the Nash car, that family vehicle which served us all so well.

But last and not least of all is 1024 8th Street, Greeley, where Anita came home to us and was married, where now I sit penning these stories of our people. And I close by bidding you all the old and familiar greeting:


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