101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

95. The First Home in Pella

Our first home was the little five-room, green-shuttered house in Pella, Iowa, where we went when we were married in June 1909. It was here Aunt Grace stayed with us for one school year. Our neighbors, Miss Kline on one side and Mrs. Van Horsen on the other, were extremely kind to the new bride as Holland women are noted for being. The first home always has a charm to it which none other can have.

During the year we lived at Corydon (we lived in Pella two years) we lived in a rather unattractive yellow house on the road to the depot. It was there Eudora Ruth came to us and from there, after her going, that we took the venture and the long move to Seminary in Rochester, and so loosed ourselves from the narrow confine within which for five years I had worked. Strange what epochs end and others begin by some such moves!

It was on the way from Corydon to Rochester that we took the trip which we always called our honeymoon, and visited Niagara Falls.

As we returned on that same trip two years later in 1914 to finish our Senior year, I bought a daily paper in Detroit enroute with the headline THE GERMAN ARMY IS MOBILIZED. That ended one world and began another.

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