101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

96. The Rushville Parsonage.

Rushville, N.Y. is almost a part of the Land of Dreams to our family. While in the Seminary at Rochester, I was pastor of the Congregational church at Rushville. Anita was born in Rochester during those years. Rushville is a most picturesque village in the Middlesex Valley between Geneva and Naples. Great apple orchards, truck farms and vineyards check the landscape into a most interesting quilt pattern countryside. The Parsonage, like most of its houses, was in the New England style. Wood sheds were attached on the back of the house clear to the stable and garden. The sturdy people make fine neighbors. The old church had been built in 1813. This is the home of Marcus Whitman, from which he started westward over the famous Oregon trail. It is also the home of R. A. Torrey, famous evangelist.

We have never lived among better friends and even today I often find myself on the familiar streets when I dream.

While we were at Rushville, Mama entered Anita in a Country Fair baby contest and she took first place. I have a clipping from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, to prove that latter statement.

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