101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

97. Our First Flat Dwelling.

Our first experience of flat dwelling was for one year in graduate work at Chicago University, just after we left Rochester. We lived at 5480 Ellis Avenue, only walking distance from the University. Here we had two fine young women living with us, Anne Abel and Laura Lucas. Laura got her two names by combining theirs. It was while living there that unemployment caused me to learn the barber trade on West Madison, near Halstead. I had the experience, but did not learn the trade fully when I got work in a tool factory which tided us over, until spring came and work of a better kind was at hand to do.

While we lived here Anita and I used to stroll in the park when Mama was at class in the University. In Washington Park one day she came very close to a squirrel and screamed with delight to see him hold a nut in his little hands to eat.

It was here that Anita had such a severe sickness that we were afraid she would not stay with us, but she did. When she was about 17 years, I had the pleasure to present her one night in the Hotel LaSalle at a meeting of the Chicago Baptist Social Union, to Dr. Shailer Mathews. That great man at once said. "Oh, this is the baby girl who was so sick!!"

(Anita's note: see "Something Singing" - in PILGRIM AFOOT for my memory of that evening!)

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