101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

99. The Bloomington Parsonage

Without any definite plan, shape or form, this house was still the fine comfortable home for us and was capable of being stretched so that all of us could stay in it for a short time until the Melvel house was secured.

One of the things by which we can remember it was that the hot air pipes made a good place for the baby, Andrew, to make way with Mama's silver, some of which was never recovered. A snapshot clings always in my memory of Joe, in spick and span new Boy Scout suit, standing under the Polly Perkins climbing rose bush on the front porch. Another was Laura's first day of school as she and Anita started off together one cold morning.

It was up the alley, back of this house, where Andrew and Homer would go to the bakery to get an ice cream cone. (Andrew was learning the words “From victory unto victory, His army will he lead” and surprised us by singing in church “To the bakery, to the bakery to get an ice cream cone.”)

Here it was that Omer Haid used to come to play with our children. He was our student secretary, state champion wrestler, friend of every child and student of finest rank and Christian character. Are you all interested to know that he is now head of the Personnel Department in Pittsburgh University, a very responsible position?)

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