101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

69. When Joe Came to Bloomington, Indiana

When Joe first came to Bloomington, January 1922, he was entering the 7th grade, which was Junior High school in the old building at the high school which had been one of the original buildings of Indiana University, years ago. A strange boy in a strange city, he soon fitted in, climbed up, became the center of many a jolly crowd as he entertained as they sang, strumming his banjo or “what have you.” There he became a charter member of the McDoe1 Baptist Church. There he sang in about every major choir of the city, played in every band and orchestra, has graduated from highschool and I.U. with his degree B. Mus.

Great work, you first of all our children! We're proud of you as a man! Who knows what a boy with good background can do until you give him a chance!

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