101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

70. Boyd - Perpetuator of Traditions

Boyd would have a hard time getting away from family traditions if he so chose, as it is his fortunate lot to carry not only his great-grandpa Garton's name, but to possess much of his spirit. As the pioneer home of Hamilton Boyd Garton was a center of the neighborhood in music and education, so we are hoping the way may open for Boyd, in Providence, to become close to the center of The Home In The West and to give much to its direction on down through the years. Its first Vice President, he is much more than a mere officer. His name will be associated with it always, even from its beginning.

Our own home was a busy place the year Boyd lived with us in La Grange, and how he was in demand as a Sousaphone player!!! Prof. Youngblood said once, "Garton does like to play the horn, don't he? He works all over when he plays!!”

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