101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

71. Anita Leaves Milwaukee.

Anita gave us so many fine hours to remember as a girl that it is hard to single out anyone. I always seemed to worry most over the children having to change when we would move. Some way the day we left Milwaukee lives with me always. All the rest had gone on the train but Anita and I, and we drove the Chevrolet down, loaded with baggage. There had been a sleet on the pavement and it was treacherously slick. As we proceeded, Anita sang. Whether to keep up courage or to pass away the time I do not know, but it was as if her song melted not only the worry of the change but the sleet itself. We arrived in La Grange well ahead of the train and made up a reception for the rest at the 5th Avenue station and proudly drove them to 30 North Spring Avenue, before the van came.

It seems to me now that that was the dividing line between the time when Anita was a little girl and when she was a young lady with wider interests, truer insights and the new range of activities. From the new position there was no way for her to go back again to little girlhood. She was never much given to having "boy friends" until one day she came home all aglow to announce, “Mother, I broke my E. string in orchestra and the SWELLEST fellow fixed it for me!!!”

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