101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

72. Laura, "The Snow Queen.”

The last year Laura was in the grade schools in La Grange she was in the class which graduated from Oak Avenue School. In the class activities they gave the operetta “The Snow Queen” and Laura was chosen Snow Queen. With her role, her graduation and her musical recital she was a very busy girl and how all of us were thrilled when, at the commencement she was given the American Legion Medal for Excellence in Scholarship, Leadership and Character. It was bestowed upon her, accompanied with a bronze medal and certificate, by the late Colonel O.P. Chamberlain, a military man who always thrilled Laura. Truly it was a great triumph. The best test of anyone, however, is as you see them under stress and strain. So Laura was to have one year in High school then turn the hard year of 1931 into a sort of victory again as she attended Allerton High School during some trying months, and came out in the winter with colors flying to finish her Sophomore year in Greeley High School and member of the National Honor Society and Secretary of the local society, to finish her course in G.H.S. next June (1934).

High school is a lot of fun if you participate freely in things. Laura has been, in the language of the Negro Preacher, the “Participatinest” girl you ever saw. Debate Club International, Relations Club, Girls Association and President of B.Y.P.U.

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