101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

73. Homer, Little Boy and Big Boy.

During the time that both families of us lived in Bloomington it seems to me I knew Homer best. There were a lot of good times when we got together at one or the other of our homes and the happy "Little boy" life he lived there is the role in which most often Homer lives with me. Some of the worst trials he had to overcome were those of going to sleep when they had meeting in the McDoel Tabernacle and Homer measured his length on the pine benches. Even then he was off to a good start in scholarship in his school work, and now that high school days are here I am always having dreams in the future for the Homer who shall be, and I have no fear of his being anything but a winner.

As it was in the case of Hope, however, we had a new acquaintance with Homer on the farm in 1931. Already at that time he was forging ahead in school work. It will be most interesting for our whole family to watch him develop into his young manhood and out into life.

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