101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

74. Andrew, Also With a Family Name.

Very often when Andrew and I have our good times, working and playing or chatting together, I find myself wondering whether, truly, the years have passed and I am not the son but the father. It does not seem hard to realize that he must be very much like I was and my greatest concern is to keep the father end of the partnership even approximately where it was when father was at this end of the father-and-son combination.

One ambition I always secretly entertained was to play in a band but I was never able to make it. So now, when Andrew plays cornet in Jr. High, Sr. High, Greeley Municipal or Colorado Teachers' College bands I enjoy the realization of my own boyish ambition IN HIM.

Like Boyd, Andrew seems to be destined to carry forward the family name. May there never be in these two modern men anything untrue to the best in the pioneers whose names they bear.

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