101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

76. Eleanor's First Trip.

We held off tearing up the home to move until after Christmas Day. The day we set up the tree it was too much for Eleanor. Crawling had been all right in other days but was too slow now. So she got up on her feet back in the kitchen end of the hall and marched into the front room. Her first walk, much to the delight of an admiring family circle. It was at 188 22nd St., Milwaukee. Next day the house was dismantled, boxes filled and we were on our way to La Grange, Illinois, to make our home, on the last day of the year 1927. Eleanor's toddling days were spent at 30 North Sprint Ave., La Grange. She was a good big girl five years old when we left La Grange. We had secured two blue kittens for her in the last summer there. One we gave away to friends but the other one was Cindy and she moved with Eleanor to the farm (where Andy called her a "timber cat") and later to Greeley where she has become a definite family fixture.

When we arrived in Greeley, Eleanor was able to enter kindergarten so a new stage in her development came at once. New home, new school, new friends, and in many ways a new girl for all of us.

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