101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

80. Tib and Daisy, Etc.

The team of bay mares which were Hamilton's standbys about the days of our courtships was known as Tib and Daisy. They were both raised on the farm from old stock. Daisy's mother was Bet and she was Grandma's property when they were married. Tib's mother bore the same name and was a part of Grandpa's property when he left his mother's home in Missouri.

These were uncommon mares, raised many fine colts, some of which were sold for good prices. Tib died before Hamilton went to Indiana but Daisy was on the place for a while after Andy and I became partners. She died there on the place, kept after her years of usefulness were over.

When we went on horseback, Hamilton often rode a dashing saddle horse he called Abe and whose outstanding characteristic was his single-foot gait. He was the fastest horse of his kind in the countryside.

Sometimes, in later years, he drove a tall bay horse, called Scott, single to the buggy. I remember driving Scott to the Unity Church to preach just after Ella and I were married.

Some of you will remember “Pretty” as an old horse. Her mother was Hattie and she was killed in the barbed wire after a freshet about a week before Ella and I were married. The little colt was found standing on the bank where she had lost her mother. She was so pretty that she did not get any other name, was raised as a pet, Grandpa let me take her and break her to work when we lived in Corydon and she was a two-year-old. She became a good single driver, a good saddle animal, but never would “pull the hat off your head” on a load.

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