101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

88. Grandpa Garton's Silver Maple.

Southeast of the house used to stand a huge silver maple. There is a snapshot among our pictures which shows the men with their axes ready to cut it down because it was dead and had become dangerous as it might fallon someone in a storm. There is also somewhere. a snapshot of Anita sitting on the stump of it when she was two years old.

For years this big silver-leafed tree was not only a shade but was a sort of landmark as well, for it was tall. How closely identified are the fortunes of a family with their trees! It was left to the lot of both the grandpas to see most of the men of their age who lived as neighbors pass away. More and more as their circle of friends narrowed down, their trees remained for both of them as their best companions.

Something was told in another anecdote of Grandpa Garton's care of the walnut grove. Many of the qualities of trees are needed to make a sturdy farmer stand through the struggles of the years. When the wind blows most fiercely the tree puts down its roots deeper. When adversity strikes the farmer he only entrenches himself more firmly for the days ahead.

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