101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

75. HOPE (Our Joy and Hope)

The baby Hope who came to live with us in Bloomington at six months old in 1922 was a constant source of delight to us during that time there. Then the years intervened when we only saw her about once a year until we spent the fall months on the farm in 1931.

During those trying weeks, Hope came back into our lives and one of the many bright places in that experience was the wonderful way in which Hope kept the good cheer attitude. No words are ever adequate to express the service a cheerful child can render a discouraged adult. All of that Hope did for us. I wonder what she will be like when she becomes a woman? I have high hopes for her contribution to the life of the world.

One of the memories we have of her in the Bloomington days was the way she clung to her mother, and Mamie had a way of riding her on mother's hip, which we used to think was almost habitual.

Hope shared with Homer the trying ordeal of sleeping on the soft (?) side of the pine benches in McDoel Tabernacle.

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