101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

59. Uncle Hollie Allen.

Because most of the nieces and nephews were not old enough to know him well, this page is given to an appreciation of the happy, jolly young man who came into our home as Lena's husband in 1915. They lived on the Will Owen farm and the Sherm Sharr farm and in Clio, where he ran the dray.

No one could have been kinder or more companionable than he, and we have always had to regret that his stay in our family was so short. But he has left with us a lovely likeness of himself in Vina, always the hostess cousin at the Grandpa Speer farm for years.

In appearance and disposition she is so much like her Papa was! It is of interest in this connection that Hollie's father was brother of the three Allen brothers who married three Howell sisters, cousins of mother's. The William Allen family was unique in that there were twelve children and they all lived until the youngest was past 80 years. There was a picture taken, I believe, with all of them there. Their old home place was some three miles east and north of Grandpa Speer's home. They formerly lived in Bloomington, Indiana, and we knew their kinfolk there.

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