101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

60. Vina

Vina will be interested in many of these stories, since it has been her lot to grow up amid the same scenes as we, her mother, aunt and uncles did. It has been very pleasant and personally one of my happiest experiences for some years to note her growth along the way to young womanhood. Each time we visit the old farm home we find her entering new eras of interest and experience. To those of us of the elder generation, she seems still our baby girl, but alas! she too refuses to remain so. We rejoice in every good thing we see developing in her life. We shall always remember her open-hearted willingness to share her toys with visiting cousins.

For several years she had the rare experience of having two great-grandfathers living, Grandpa Staniford and Grandpa Howell, the fathers of her two grandmas. I rather think that at her birth her great-grandpa Allen was still living, also.

Junior in high school this year, she has won the title of Equestrienne since she has ridden horseback to school at Clio all through her high school days.

We salute thee! Our favorite niece and cousin! Friendly pal of us all, and sharer of all your joys with all of us!

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