101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

61. J.H. Marcusson.

Somewhat like Vina, J.H .. will be interested in many of these stories since he grows up on the old farm so dear to the Gartons. We were living in Milwaukee when J.H. was born and his aunt Ella came to help care for him. Again, like Vina, it has been one of my deep personal joys to watch J.H. grow from year to year and from stage to stage of his development, as we visit the home place. He does not need to be told how much his old uncle loves him and as long as I live I shall cherish memories of days I worked on fences, cellar, barn or sheepfold, when he talked and played by my side. Of such stuff as that companionship is life made up. "Blessings on thee, little man, barefoot boy with cheeks of tan."

J.H. has a good way of knowing where to find things and to help in any kind of work. A hammer or a saw laid down out of place will register with him and he proves valuable in finding it.

He, more than any other one of the family, bears a resemblance to his Grandpa Garton. Many have noticed and spoken of it. His Grandpa Marcusson has been his great companion through his little boy days.

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