101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

62. Aunt Grace Garton Marcusson.

Aunt Grace is the one member of the Garton family identified closely with the home all the way through. So all of the nieces and nephews will always remember her.

She lived away from the place only a part of two years, once when she stayed with us in Pella, in our first married year, again part of a year when she lived with us at 5480 Ellis Ave., Chicago, studying dressmaking.

But these short stays away did not break the continuity of her interest at the farm. As a girl in the home with her parents; as a young woman, the mainstay of her widowed mother; as a young matron with her husband and son; and managing the farm home through the days of our partnership; Grace has been a very constant quantity in the life of the home.

When the best hopes for our future HOME shall be realized, much credit will be due to the steadfast position of Aunt Grace.

(Anita’s note: How I’d like to add pages here about Aunt Grace. Our Susy would have found 
her exact model in Aunt Grace’s sense of fun and her wit; in a yelling contest - well, skip that.)

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