101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

63. Uncle Andy Marcusson

When the farm was transferred to us in 1922, as another tale has related, we turned at once with confidence to your uncle Andy Marcusson. He had married Grace in March and had farmed the place that year. Although they had to begin slowly they began well, and the partnership then formed has been a constant source of satisfaction to me. It has proven a real relief many times to turn away from the press of work for an hour and think of our farm interests. Then, too, the days of vacation fellowship in August and the longer weeks of the fall in 1931 have been the source of many happy memories. It's good to have company that understands when a man is not on parade.

Technically, our partnership ceased when the Corporation was formed in the spring of 1933. But our cooperation in the things of the farm goes on just the same. Being away, I have found it more and more the best relief to feel he is there to manage.

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