101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

64. Aunt Lena

Perhaps the most familiar way in which most of you, nieces and nephews, will know or remember Aunt Lena is as she has appeared at the old home during the years since your recollection begins.

Lena lived with us during the school year when we lived in Corydon in 1911-1912. That was the year the C.R.I.&P. Short Line was built from Allerton to Des Moines.

After Mamie began teaching school and about the time Otis started to school, Lena and I were the school companions from home to East Grove. One evening on the way home she was trotting on ahead of me, just a few paces ahead, when to my horror I saw she had stopped near a coiled rattlesnake. I had rather a bad instant of it until I hustled her to safety, found a club and ended one more reptile career.

We had so many of that variety about the farm that father taught me how to kill them and I still have a collection of rattles which I cut from their dying tails during those days.

And now, while I am preparing these stories, comes the word from Lena that she is now Mrs. David Keener. And so I take this opportunity to present thus to you your new uncle and your aunt, Mr. and Mrs. David Keener.

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