101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

66. Our Two In Heaven.

Some of the children of your Grandpa and Grandma Speer were lost in childhood and of Grandpa Garton's only the first baby, "Buddy," as we have noted.

But in April 1912, Eudora. Ruth came to live in our home for a short time, then went on ahead to light the way for us. A few years later, Faith in like manner sojourned in the home with Hamilton and Mamie and after six months went along with the little cousin to join the innumerable throng of those blessed ones of whom the Bible says “They do always behold the face of your Father which is in Heaven.” Heaven is nearer to our family because they came and pitched their little tents for a brief stay with us on the journey.

The two similar little markers in the Clio lots mark where their bodies were laid, but in a real way their spirits minister to us daily through the channels of memory.

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