101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

67. When Grandpa Speer's Family Assembled

Strange as it may seem, I think all of Grandpa Speer's children and grandchildren have been assembled just once and that with Uncle Hollie gone and Tom not yet come. It was in the summer of 1930 to which another anecdote referred. Grandpa and Grandma were the center of the group as we had the picture taken. About them were grouped Mamie and Hamilton with Joe, Boyd, Homer and Hope. Myself and Ella with Anita, Laura, Andrew and Eleanor. Lena with Vina and Otis.

It was one fleeting day. Grandpa was jolly and said more old-time natural things than for a long time. Grandma was in her glory surrounded by her children. This was nearly three years before their Golden Wedding Day, when not nearly all of us were able to come home.

It was from these few hours together that we came back to La Grange, Boyd and Joe with us. The last time we had been together before that, Eleanor and Hope were neither in the family. So, while there will be other happy days, we shall all remember that one day when all were assembled. Grandpa and Grandma Garton were not privileged to have such a gathering since Andrew was just young enough that they missed seeing him.

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