101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

68. Thomas G.R. Smith

And now, in this series of personal sketches, before we relate some things of the cousins, proper, let me introduce the first one to come into our group of grandchildren by marriage.

Joe and Boyd both know Tom as, of course, all our family does. But all the rest of the family have not met him. He is much interested in all of you and we hope he can come to Iowa some day to see you all.

Our memories of the days when we were seeing a great deal of him at 30 North Spring Ave. are happy ones. Three times before their wedding, they two appeared in concerts in La Grange. When he comes to Iowa he must bring his best violin and they must give us a reminder of the old days.

Tom and I carry on quite frequent correspondence and I always enjoy his letters. He came into our family in the good old-fashioned way of honest courtship and is loyal to our traditions, so I am glad to present him to the family in this way until the time when you can meet and know him better.

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