101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

49.· Grandpa's Choice of a Home.

The home of the Howells was at Piqua, Ohio, Miami Co. When a young man, Samuel Howell went north into Allen Co., and there met that large German-American population sometimes referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch, as they had settled about Lima, Elida and Delphos, Ohio. Some of them were "Dunkards" or Brethren, others were Mennonites and some were Baptists. Among the Baptists was a Rev. Mr. George Hunsicker whose large family of young people proved good company for the young fellow away from home. Among the girls were Lydia, Mary, Annie and Elizabeth, the youngest. They had a brother Sam. Although she was young, Sam Howell soon wooed and won Elizabeth and in short order the new Howell family was set up at Delphos, Ohio., where their five children were born, Mary, Julia, James, Jennie and George. Then they went west to Illinois and on to Iowa, arriving at Clio in 1875. There he settled on some land of John Tabler's near the spring on what is now the Miss Nancy Edgman farm Northwest of Clio Cemetery.

It is interesting that the three families of Garton, Speer and Howell should all have settled at various dates within a mile of each other and within the same distance of the present site of the HOME, making it peculiarly appropriate as a memorial of their fortitude.

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