101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

50. Visits of Ohio Relatives To Iowa.

During our childhood there were no events more prized than when the Ohio folks would come to visit us. One such occasion was a visit from Jimmie Herring just before I could remember, but I do remember hearing the folks talking about him. Another was when Mason Hunt came to see us. He was a son of Aunt Mary Chamberlain by a former marriage and was a cousin of my mother. He came in hay harvest and offered for a day to take Mamie's place driving the pulley horse, a strange experience for him as he had never seen hay stacked outdoors before. The pulley horse was Old Nig, a decrepit old animal we had borrowed from Uncle Eli!!

Mason Hunt lost his life in a railroad accident when he was working as brakeman at Sandusky, Ohio. But most of all we remember the visit of Aunts Lydia and Mary in the fall of 1898. That autumn snow fell on the green leaves on October 6th while the folks were here. There had been no warning frost. From that day on it was cold winter, one of the longest and coldest I ever remember in Iowa. It was in February following this visit that Otis was born. We used to sit and feast on every word they said because it harked back in our minds to the seemingly distant day when our own dear mother was a girl. We never saw Aunt Lydia again but I visited Aunt Mary years later and I must make another tale of that visit.

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