101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

53. Grandpa Howell's Farm Home at Allerton.

Not long after settling near Clio, in 1875, Grandpa Howell bought a good farm west of Allerton. Here the family lived for many years and it was here Grandma died. Grandpa married again and later moved to Allerton to retire. So, while that old farm west of town seems to their family to be Home, the house in Northwest Allerton seems to our generation more like the home of Grandpa Howell. It was while living there that they visited in Decatur Co. and he bought a white Jersey cow and drove her home all that distance of 15 miles or more behind the buggy. That cow had a heifer calf which he gave to Uncle Jim. This latter cow had a calf which Hamilton bought and he and I brought it home in the back of a spring wagon. That little calf became Old Rose, the original mother of the herd which Grace and Andy now have as well as Hamilton and Mamie's cows.

When Grandpa was 82 years old his wife died. Aunt Jennie gave him a home with her for the remaining 12 years, on the one condition that he would give up the tobacco habit. Grandpa cried some but gave it up. He died at past 93 years. He told me, near the end of his life, that he never craved tobacco any more after he quit and thought it was best for him that he did so.

In his day he was a powerful man and was proud of his ability to ‘cradle’ more grain than any man who ever came up against him. Plain eating and regular habits of life added to a tower of physical strength, made him a man to be reckoned with for many a year.

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