101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

40. Westward Ho!!

But now "Big Jack" was moving to Winterset, Iowa, and "Little Jack" was intent on Iowa, too.

"Let's call it a day!" They rested the oxen at Bedford for the night as we may suppose at 12 miles from home. Day after day, slowly, determinedly, Westward Ho! Leaving behind the home they would never see again. 100 miles and they crossed the White River at Terre Haute on a ferry boat. Miles on miles across Illinois prairie, where they might, any day, have seen along the road a long, lank country lawyer out riding his circuit with saddlebags behind. And if they did meet Abraham Lincoln thus, they would have swapped yarns with him about the old home in Indiana or even Kaintucky where Speers, Flynns, Hanks and Lincolns had lived in the same parts before the days when slavery became the bone of contention, when they, being abolitionists, had migrated to free soil. But now those days were in the past. Lincoln was bent on Congress and Andrew Speer was bent on Iowa and each was working hard to gain his end. The Mississippi was crossed and here was Iowa, Beautiful Land! The land looked good! A few more days and here was Corydon, the new County Seat of Wayne Co., reminder of Corydon, Indiana, and with many a Hoosier family settled about it. Here he stopped, bought a farm from a Mr. Caldwell at Lewisburg, and turned the old black oxen out to pasture.

On account of the events of the ending of this tale, you are all eligible for membership in the Friday Club of pioneer citizens in Corydon. Should you ever live there, whenever there is a vacancy you may apply, but step lively, for there are others whose families came thither in the "Fifties" also.

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