101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

41. Granny Edgman's Farm.

Ten years in Lewisburg and a year in Marion Co., Kansas, and Andrew Speer, with his family, were back in Wayne Co., Iowa, the land of his ideal. Here he bought the farm at the center of which stood the log cabin home of Granny Edgman. Here in this cabin in 1887 a group of Baptists had met and under the leadership of Rev. Lewis Greenlee had organized the Highland Baptist Church. Go to the old site of that cabin and you will have little difficulty to know why they called the church “Highland.” It is the highest point in the neighborhood, chosen so, that the settler could see to all parts of his farm.

Here the Speer and Edgman boys grew up together. Here they fished, hunted, played on Turkey and Caleb Creeks. Many are the tales my father tells of the boyhood escapades of that home. While there have never been any intermarriages between the two families here mentioned, it is interesting that Dewey Speer, grandson of Andrew Speer, married Elsie Greenlee, granddaughter of Rev. Mr. Greenlee. Also that Lena Speer first married a cousin of the wife of Marion Edgman and later the father-in-law of Ivan Edgman, both boys great-grandsons of Granny Edgman referred to here.

To those of our generation the first recollection of the old home is "At Grandma's" in the Red House. For Andrew Speer died about the time I was born and Grandma (Susan Moore Speer) still lived there with a family which consisted of herself, Aunt Theresa, Aunt Minnie, Uncle Warren and Aunt Betsey who had a separate room of whom we shall tell later. Then Uncle Hugh and Aunt Polly lived in an adjoining yard south in the Uncle Gabriel Woodmansee house which is the house now standing where the Red House used to be. Northwest of this on the hill is where the old cabin was.

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