101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

47. Tales of Uncle John's Family.

Rosa, their eldest daughter, married Roy Cocklin and their wedded life has been lived in Wauneta, Nebraska, where he is cashier of the Wauneta Falls State Bank. Their daughters, Inez and Neva, are students in Nebraska Wesleyan University at Lincoln. Olive, second daughter, married Walter Parker and they have lived in California and raised a large family, some of whom are married and none of whom are known to us. Jesse has lived all his married life in Texas and has seven sons (the seven sons of Jesse). None of them have ever visited the old home in Kansas. John E. lives on the old farm near Logan Kansas. Burl lives on his ranch near La Plata, Colo. Venice married Preston Harmon and lives on a farm near John E. Minta married Ralph Grosbach, son of a doctor in Wauneta and they live on the 4,000 acre ranch at Enders, Nebraska. They visited us in Greeley in 1933 and I went with Ralph to buy cattle in the Denver stock yards. He feeds and sells on the average a carload of fat cattle each month of the year.

We had a nice visit with Venice and Preston Harmon at Hays, Kansas, when we visited there in 1930. They drove down for the day and we had picnic dinner. Aunt Millie was there also. Preston is now a local preacher in the Free Methodist church.

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