101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

28. Franklin Pierce's Signature.

An interesting old document is that in our family's possession, the original government patent by which the United States granted title to land to John A. Souder as Assignee of E.A. Temple. It is dated 1857 and bears the bold signature of Franklin Pierce, President of the United States. This instrument was not recorded until 1871. Later John A. Souder deeded the land to Richard Shipley, and he deeded it to R.F. (Bob) Elson who had it but a week and sold it to Grandpa Garton in the spring of 1893. This was the beginning of the forty-year period in which it was to belong to the family, until it became the property of THE HOME IN THE WEST, INC. So that the 100 acres where the old home stands is Home in every sense to our family and to its children.

Thus you can see the reason for making it into a memorial for those who have gone on before. What better and more fitting thing could we do than to PERPETUATE it for the comfort of other old people and thus to honor our own dear parents.

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