101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

31. Dairy Cows and Draft Horses.

During the yearswhen Granpa Garton and his family lived on the farm, one of his best sources of income was a herd of milch cows. He hauled milk for some years and they were among his most prosperous days. The purchase later, of a Jersey heifer calf from Uncle Jim Howell of Allerton marked a new day in the dairy herds. This cow and her offspring have been a wonderful asset. When Aunt Grace was married in 1922, Old Rose (the same calf grown up) was hers. Through the years since there has grown up under Uncle Andy's care one of the best Jersey herds to be found in the county.

Grandpa Garton was a horse fancier and by careful selection of stock raised some very fine draft horses, perhaps the cream of which was the span of mares called May and June which he sold to Gain Evans for a high price about the time Hamilton was married.

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