101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

32. Grandma Garton's Home

In 1922 when there became grave danger that the home might pass to other hands it was decided to deed it to Ella and me and we in turn to lease it to Grace and Andy since they had just been married and needed the place for a home while we needed it cared for.

It proved to be the beginning of events which no one could foresee. The fences and buildings were repaired, a bunch of Chester White hogs was bought, and later changed to Poland Chinas. The herd of Jersey cows was increased and the soil was kept carefully fertilized and rotated in crops.

This insured Grandma her home for the rest of her life but, alas! as with many a good plan, it proved to be her home for less than a year when she went to live in her eternal Home In The West. But the fact that it was dedicated to that purpose has brought about other significant changes in plans of which we shall tell later.

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