101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

33. The Hampshires

In order to offset a balance with the Jersey cows which were Andy's part of the farm stock, the Hampshires were bought in September of 1928. Most of them were secured from Iowa State College, Ames, Ia. The total first cost was $400 and while they were bought at the time when all values collapsed, they have continued a source of considerable farm revenue. The flock has been enriched by the introduction of blooded rams from Nebraska and Colorado. They have helped so much, aside from income, in the keeping down of weeds in fence corners and yards, and helping keep up the fertility of the soil.

There has been as much money received from them as they have cost already and we have now a finer flock of ewes than we bought at first, left for our future stock.

Rams have been sold in eight states and a list of past and prospective buyers kept so that we may keep up our markets.

They are all registered with the American Hampshire Sheep Association, of which I am a member. Andrew and I have had some good times visiting the International Stock Show in Chicago where the finest of these and all other breeds are shown annually. We also have some interesting plans laid for his days in college as a result of the Hampshires.

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