101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

34. The Walnuts.

In the N.W. corner of the old north pasture is the walnut grove so familiar to all the family from memory of visits to the farm. All his life Grandpa Garton would never allow them cut and always said they were worth more there as a grove than for any commercial purpose to which they might be turned. During the World War, agents insisted on buying them up for the manufacture of airplane propellers, but since it was not really a matter which involved patriotism, Grandpa remained firm and they were spared. In this grove there is about two acres. The walnuts are interspersed with some oaks and other trees. The grove will figure in future anecdotes of the Home In The West, we hope, for many years.

Our plan is to make it a park with entrance from the road, where a winding drive, walks, shady nooks, flower beds and quiet seats will lend charm and loveliness to the Home. The grove is to be named Garton Park and the units of the Home will be built just north of it.

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