101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

17. The Old Quartet.

The courtship which resulted in the two families to which you boys and girls belong began with the “affairs de coeur” of the years 1905-1909. Ella was in Lineville H.S., Mamie and I in Allerton H.S. and Hamilton was nicely started with his farming career when it began. Mamie was soprano, Ella alto, I tenor and Hamilton bass.

Many a happy evening was spent either at Grandpa Garton's or Grandpa Speer's singing through all kinds of church hymnals and song books. Often at church or in the homes of friends we led in worship or entertained.

Such quartets were a precedent in both families as we shall see in other tales. But we still believe no young people ever had a more wholesome or pleasant courtship than did the old quartet.

1908 and 1909 saw the culmination of the two romances and marked our days of separation. But through the years we have got together as often as possible. Once in a while I find myself, in the midst of a busy life, just wishing I could sit down and chat with Hamilton for a while.

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