101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

18. The Garton-Speer Wedding.

March 13th, 1908, was the 25th wedding anniversary day at Grandpa Speer's. It was to become doubly memorable since on that same day Mamie was being married to Hamilton. She had been teaching school (before and after her high school work in A.H.S.) for about five years. Ella and I were both home from college for the event. Mr. Smith, the favorite minister, was there for the ceremony. (Something of a reminiscence of Aunt Jennie's wedding, since they stood at exactly the same place.) All four of the parents were there, and sturdy folk in their prime of life. The house was full of relatives. The couple came down from upstairs through the west room and into the east room through the door where there is no door now (this was before the house was rearranged as it is now).

With this wedding two pioneer families were united after being neighbors and friends since 1856, about 50 years: the families of Hamilton Boyd Garton and Andrew Jackson Speer.

Strange also that the families had lived in the same part of America since before the Revolutionary War, and before that were of much the same Scotch-Irish extraction. Both families were known to the Lincolns and Hanks in Kentucky.

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