101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

19. The Speer-Garton Wedding.

It was but a year later and the two families were gathered again at the home of Grandpa Garton on June 9th, 1909. Ella's school was out and I was home from Central College. Hamilton and Mamie were there and in her arms Mamie carried the bright-eyed, four-months-old baby Joseph Nathan, named for his two grandpas. Rev. W. H. Larrick, jolly friend and pastor of the old quartet in highschool days, was home for the wedding. It was a terribly muddy day and Grandpa Speer and I had had a long muddy trip to Corydon for the marriage license. Six P.M. and the house was profusely decorated with Peonies and Wild Flowers and Roses.

If the wedding of 1908 had united the two families, this day's events cemented the union! Both fathers and mothers were still there and in full vigor. Two of Wayne County's substantial homesteads were involved. No one present would have had the insight to have seen what turn of affairs would come within the next few years. The automobile was as yet a novelty. The trend of farm life had not turned to the speculative. Men owned farms not because they wanted to get rich but because they wanted to build homes.

As we think of it now, that was about the end of an era in Iowa farming and the beginning of a wild and fantastic era of hectic change which has come to its fruitage in the wreckage, financially, to the farmer folk of the great Hawkeye State.

Could we get a piece of the old life back again, do you think? I'd like to try!

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