101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

20. Joe In the Legislature of Iowa.

At the State Fair in Des Moines that same year, 1909, two couples could have been found camping in a tent in which they had made pallets of straw. Joe was with them, a six-months-old baby boy. After seeing the exhibits of the Fair, the party went to explore the Capitol Building. Among other places of interest they saw the Senate Chamber. Here Joe's baby hands discovered a loose ornament on one of the senate desks and had it, unnoticed, in his chubby hand after they had left. His Aunt Ella has kept it as a souvenir ever since. Joe may enter the Senate chamber as a prominent character some day, but we will always retain the memory of his first entrance to the legislative halls of his native state.

On the way back, the Gartons visited the Speers in Pella and the latter stayed there to begin the last two years of college work, graduating in the same class in 1911.

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