101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

21. Two Growing Families.

The snap shots taken at various and sundry times whet the two families were together for vacations, reveal a most interesting growth of the children.

For the first few years it was two little boys, Joe and Boyd. Then a trio, Joe, Boyd, and Anita. Then a quartet, Joe, Boyd, Anita and Laura. Then after a time, of a sudden it becomes a sestet, Joe, Boyd, Anita, Laura, Homer and Andrew. Just as this picture arrives on the scene, the family groups meet their first break, for Grandpa Garton's face is gone. Another girl, Hope, appears in the first picture after Hamilton's came to Bloomington and we are all together there, for the first time. Here in this interesting Hoosier city a new era of the two families is enacted of which we shall have other tales. Then as the Speers move to Milwaukee, Grandma Garton's face disappears and three years later the family rounds out when Eleanor joins them, and the group is now an octet, four boys and four girls, all looking enough alike to be brothers and sisters. These latter pictures describe the days of the Milwaukee, Clio, Bloomington triangle of interest. There is an epoch-making snapshot when all the eight children and the four parents are together for the first time, on an occasion when we spent Thanksgiving at Bloomington (and was the duck good!!!) in 1927, just before the Speers moved to La Grange, Ill.

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