101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

23. The McDoel Church

A year after the founding of the Tabernacle the Speers moved to Milwaukee at the same time that Grandma Garton went away at Hamilton's home. Hamilton and Mamie went right on leading, helping, inspiring the new church until the time came when they had built the present commodious $14,000 building two blocks north of the Tabernacle. What a triumph when this church was dedicated and the Speers came down to the dedication. A more wonderful group of church workers and Christian neighbors it would be hard to find, than that of the McDoel church. 

They were deservedly rewarded by a kind Providence which led them into their new home before the lean years. But when the final history of the church has been written there, will need to be generous mention in the affairs of the first eight years, from the cottage to the stone church, of the quiet and effective work of Hamilton and Mamie and Joe and Boyd. Hamilton was a deacon, Mamie leader of the Women's Society and both the boys leaders in the musical life of the church.

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