101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

24. Back to Iowa!!

In the summer of 1928 the two couples made a summertime visit to Clio. The Gartons' hearts were turning back to the old home farm they had left. Coming back to Bloomington they disposed of their home and in February 1930 came back to restore the home. Joe came with them to help with the restoration. Boyd stayed and worked in Bloomington for the summer. It was in the summer of 1930 when the whole family was together at the old home for a sort of epoch-making visit. All through the years it had been planned to get all the youngsters together once a year at least. Now it was becoming more and more difficult. But this was a grand reunion. After it was over, Boyd came to Chicago with us and Joe went back to Bloomington to finish his school work there. Anita had graduated from L.T.H.S. and Boyd from Bloomington High School. So they two attended Lyons Township Junior College as freshmen. Joe was pushing ahead toward the last half of his course in I.U.

There is no way to keep such periods from being painful to parents. But in spite of that we would not have it otherwise. Not until this summer just recorded did I ever remotely understand what it cost my own parents to take me to the train at Clio in August 1907 and see me off to college.

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