101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

25. Off to College!

After this summer of 1930 just related, as we have noted Joe went back to I.U. at Bloomington, Boyd and Anita to L.T.J.C. What a group they were!

Joe was on the last lap of his music course. Boyd was in constant demand in orchestras both in and out of college. Anita. was studying pipe organ and was in constant demand at the H.S. and Jr. College as pianist accompanist and soloist. Tom Smith was a violin teacher with a fine growing class of pupils in La Grange. All that fall and winter he was a welcome visitor at the Speer Parsonage. Tom and Anita had no courtship, they simply entertained the family. Piano and violin occupied the time when they were together. Tom's father passed away at Christmas and Tom went to Lakewood, 0hio, to be with his mother, returning in June for a brilliant recital in La Grange with Anita, when we lived at Cossett Ave.

Laura was a freshman in L.T.H.S. and was laying fine foundations in scholarship, which were to result in distinction later.

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