101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

26. Crash! Bang!

But this peculiar thing called the "Depression" hit our family along with every other family in America and the world. The La Grange pastorate terminated. Boyd and Anita lived at LaRue's home. The rest of the Speers took to the farm. The Gartons were making a last desperate effort to hold their home. "It rained and rained and the skies were dreary." Literally it rained almost constantly from September to February. In the late fall Aunt Louisa Lane was taken fatally ill. The Speers stayed with her until December. When we came away the Gartons came in to stay and to keep the home for Aunt Eleanor Roper after Aunt Louisa had passed away.

Late December brought the call to Greeley and with that a new era in our home and its relations to the rest of the family.

Anita made out a wonderful year with music, continuing with pipe organ and closing the year with being presented to the musical public by Miss Hazel Troeger, her teacher, in a recital which she shared with Tom Smith. After the recital they came to Greeley and were married at the close of a repetition of the concert before a packed church.

So, on June 21st 1932, they were married in the First Baptist Church, Greeley, the first wedding in their generation of the family and the first in a church of any of our family.

When will we ever learn not to worry? "The darkest hour many times is just before the dawning and though the light delay its coming it will surely come and all shall be well.

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