101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

10. Riding Old Barney Home From School.

As I grew to young manhood, we had one spring a school teacher by the name of Ella Garton. I was too old to go to school in spring term (according to our custom) but Otis and Lena did attend. Otis was a beginner and Lena five years older.

One evening they were bringing the teacher home to stay all night. I was working in the field on the north forty and saw them coming. Ella rode an old pony of her uncle Ellis's called Barney. She had Otis on in front of her and Lena behind.

A storm was coming up very suddenly and my young horses were afraid. Disking with four of them I had all I could do to get them unhitched and to the barn. As the storm struck Barney he deliberately turned his back to it and stopped, leaving the pretty young school teacher and the children to take their soaking from the storm. Ella appeared to good effect later in the evening dressed in Mamie's clothes which she had to press into service. Thus do romances sometimes start and grow into more permanent matters.

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