101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

02. When Father Bought Topsy

Our Very first recollections of the horses of the old home were those of Nig and Jess, a span of dandy black horses. Nig died of colic and father bought Bird from Uncle Hugh. She was a wiry little pony mare of some sort of western parentage. She became the mother of Fanny, a Hamiltonian, light sorrel, weighing, when fully grown, about 1300 pounds. When she was a yearling she was such a beauty that father bought another sorrel "filly" same age and color, of some man at Clio, I think it was Jerry Hook. He brought this colt, which we called Topsy, home and turned her and Fanny out in the front yard where they scampered, played, scratched each other and made up very quickly and nicely. They surely were a pair of great beauties. Fanny had a fan-shaped white spot in her forehead and Topsy had a Star, or fleck of white in her forehead.

What makes this story stand out in my memory, for I was only three years old, is that I had the measles and had to watch the colts from the front window, propped up on my elbows in the bed in the north front window. (We used the "front room" for bedroom, sitting room and a general gathering place then.) Father had brought the colts up for my special benefit since I could not go out to see them.

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