101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century

06. When Old Tink Died

It does not occur to me how old I was when we got Tink, but I was not more than ten years, I am sure. He was the family dog through all the years of my later boyhood, and was still there when we returned for vacation from Rochester in the summer of 1914, for I remember we had Anita with us and that Old Tink was too feeble to play with her and was inclined to snap at her. That was the last summer of his career, for it was the next winter after our visit that Lena and Hollie were married, while we were still in Rochester. I was 27 years old then so Old Tink was very nearly 20 years old when he died.

The night of Lena and Hollie's wedding (I get this from Otis) the boys of the neighborhood gathered up for the charivari and they made so much noise that Old Tink was wild with rage. He crawled into the corner and growled and complained bitterly over it. Next morning they found him there dead. Whether he died of nervous shock or from sheer impotent rage we do not know, but that was the last of Old Tink.

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