101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century


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When I packed up everything to move from 626 to 629 S. Spencer (so Susy could have the extra bedroom I didn't need) I found much junk that had to be eliminated, of course, and one old priceless treasure that I'd wondered about for years and years: Daddy's old book of family stories that he typed (how painfully I can guess, knowing his old typewriters which always broke down the moment I touched them, and from the wandering lines on some of the pages) for all of us kids in 1933.

So there it was, and I thought "I must do this over for our kids now," and of coure put it aside, until it occurred to me it would be ideal to take it along to New City and Philadelphia next week. PIP (Postal Instant Print) is very cooperative, but could I get it typed and to them in time? I typed it all IN ONE DAY, I want you to know, on my new Selectric III (Daddy would be green!). But the explanations come in here: Beyond catching most obvious errors as I made them, I've had little time for proof reading. I did catch a 'climbing sore bush' in Story 99 and a 'wummertime' some place else, but there may be others - must be others - just as bad. I have done very little editing - Susy, don't be skeptical! - beyond cleaning up obvious typos of Daddy's. Most of the punctuation and capitalization is his own.

So, for Lloyd, John, Susy, Bill, Peter, David, Tommy, Geoffrey, Amy, Katy, and Heidi and for the many cousins you do or don't know and should know - here it is: some of it funny, all of it interesting!

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