101 Stories

with which I follow the road of the Family for a Century


One of the things which has seemed to remain most happily in my mind about my boyhood, is the memory of stories my father used to tell me about things which happened "Down on the old place." I am the richer for a father who would thus recount many of these folk stories which fascinated me then and remained to bless me always.

So, I want to turn over to you, my children, nieces and nephews, some of the stories which cluster themselves about the two old homes in which all of you are interested (either one or both) and about the interesting people who lived in them before you were old enough to remember and some of them who still live there.

Your lives will doubtless be spent among other scenes. I do not wish you to look backward, but only forward, yet looking forward I covet for you the memory of these tales of our folks.

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